If you’re like us you’re extra appreciative of our teachers, this year with all their hard work helping us through this crazy learning process.

Maybe you cannot handle one more thing and that’s okay, but if you are able to express your gratitude in ANY way this week let them know how grateful you are!

Like online learning, feel free to make this work for your family. There’s no due date on gratitude. Let’s just let them know how grateful we are.

Below are few ideas we thought might really let them know we miss and appreciate them!

PICK ONE IDEA OR DO THEM ALL!! (There’s one for everyday this week.)

  1. TEXT THEM! They have been reaching out to students to check their progress via text or remind.  Shoot them a text OR EMAIL back to show how grateful you are! What is your child’s favorite thing about them? What is their favorite memory from class? What do they really miss?
  2. SEND THEM A PICTURE! Send them a picture! Do you have one together? They miss their kids and would love to know how they’re doing.
  3. DO YOUR WORK!  Let them know you are working on the assignments! They love to see even the smallest progress!
  4. PLANT SOMETHING IN THEIR HONOR!  If you have started gardening let them know that you miss them by naming your next plant after them.
  5. E-GIFT OR GIFT CARD!  Since you cannot give them an apple this year give them the funds to order it themselves.  You can send them a gift card by e-mail.

Go online for a million more ideas! Here is just one site: https://www.romper.com/p/12-e-gifts-for-teacher-appreciation-week-that-can-be-sent-in-a-snap-22857481

They’ll love it!

East Elementary Teachers virtual picture.

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