Red Ribbon Week

Send a message. Stay Drug Free.

East Elementary will be participating in a national celebration called Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week was designed to create an awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

Red Ribbon Week is a time for schools and communities across the nation to come together in the fight against drugs. The national theme this year is “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free.” Students will participate in Spirit Wear days and Drug Free themed activities throughout the week. The week will also include a pledge signing where students will make the commitment to be drug free.

Students are encouraged to participate in the following Spirit Wear days to show their commitment to being drug free.

Monday – Just say NO.w ear red from Head to toe.
Tuesday – Sock it to Drugs! Wear crazy socks.
Wednesday – Don’t let drugs turn you inside out. Wear your shirt inside out.
Thursday – Say BOO to Drugs. Wear your Halloween costume.
Friday East Eagles are Drug Free! Wear school shirt or blue shirt.

The PTA wants to encourage our students to be healthy and stay DRUG FREE. Listed below are some tips on how parents can help support the campaign ’10 Quick Steps for PARENTING FOR PREVENTION’:

  1. Talk with your child about alcohol and other drugs. ( offers great tips for talking to your child)
  2. Learn to really listen to your child.
  3. Help your child feel good about him/herself.
  4. Help your child develop strong values.
  5. Be a good role model or example.
  6. Help your child deal with peer pressure.
  7. Make specific family rules regarding the use of alcohol and drugs.
  8. Encourage healthy, creative activities.
  9. Team up with other parents.
  10. If you suspect a problem, get help immediately.

East Elementary PTA

Enter the National Red Ribbon Photo Contest

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