Eagle Run 2019 Event Details

As of 10/11/2019 we are so close to our goal!

Thank you, thank you to all students, parents, family, friends, and sponsors who are donating! We sincerely appreciate it.

Event Details

  • Register your child today (it’s free and they’ll receive a cool lanyard)
  • Eagle Run Date: Friday, October 18th
    Kindergarten will run at 10:45.
    Grades 1-5 will run at 2:15pm
    Parents are welcome to watch!
  • Final donation deadline: Friday, October 25
  • Online donations can be made through your student’s personal webpage
  • Donations in the form of cash and checks must be delivered to the school. Make checks payable to: East Elementary PTA

 We need all parents to complete 3 simple steps

  1. Register your child by visiting www.getmovinfundhub.com Registration is free, easy, and fast! School identifier: 5d39c566ddf04
  2. Send an email or text message through your child’s fundraising webpage to 10-15 friends and family. It’s super easy!
  3. Post on Facebook or Twitter It’s two clicks of a button to post. The average parent has 300 FB friends. You will be surprised when donations from distant relatives, new and old friends or co-workers arrive. Publish and see what happens!

Student Goals

  • We need 100% student enrollment, visit http://www.getmovinfundhub.com today!
    • Each student is encouraged to raise $35.
    • Be an Overachiever Superstar raising $200!

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