Eagle Spirit Run

Eagle Spirit Run = SUCCESS!


The kids loved crawling through the tubes.

The run was a hit! We were also excited to announce that we reached our $12,000 goal!

Many, many thanks to those who donated. We had huge contributions and small contributions and are grateful for all. We loved all those kids giving us pennies, nickels, and dimes – every little bit counts (and a free Maverick Chiller or Cookie for any donation is totally awesome). I talked to kids whose favorite part of the run was crawling through the tubes, jumping over the hay bales, or getting sprayed by the Fire Department. My daughter said she didn’t like anything about the run, haha.

We have so many people to thank!

  • Cedar City Police Officer Condie ran with 5th grade
  • Cedar City Police Officer Banz ran with 4th grade
  • Cedar City Police Officer Crofts ran with 3rd grade
  • Iron County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Fielding ran with 2nd grade
  • Cedar City Police Officer DeMasters ran with 1st grade
  • Cedar City Fire Department
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Peterson Plumbing for the culverts and building the awesome water fountain
  • Members of the Cedar High School Baseball team
  • Canyon View High School Cheerleaders
  • Lindsey Delcore – the kids enjoyed all the stretching exercises!
  • Parents making sure the kids stayed safe running/walking the course
  • Mr. Moyle for tons of support and putting up with the crazy committee
  • Mr. Stucki and Mr. Bunker for all the setup, take down, and support of PTA
  • Mrs. Scholes for endless help
  • East Faculty and Staff for words of support and participation
  • Eagle Spirit Run committee: Tonisa Hunt, Adrianna Murri, Taijah Amavizca, and Tanya Fielding
  • PTA Board Members for countless hours of hard work: Maria Brady, Amanda Hanson, Jared Van Meter, and Kristin Taylor
  • Adopt-A-Class sponsor: Brian K. Tavoian Family Dentistry – Mrs. Blackner’s class
  • Adopt-A-Class sponsor: Children’s Dental Pediatric Dentistry – Mrs. Carter’s class
  • Adopt-A-Class sponsor: Cedar Drug & Gift – Ms. Rachelle’s class
  • Adopt-A-Class sponsor: Farmer’s Insurance Roger Olcott – Mrs. Brown’s class
  • Adopt-A-Class sponsor: Royal Appliance – Mrs. Bunker’s class


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